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Maya – The Gravity Well

“Maya” – Gravity Simulator Kit

Experience and Visualize how Gravity warps space-time using our Gravity Well Simulation Kit. This Kit provides a visual experience to simulate gravity using objects of varying mass. Our Augmented reality App complements this simulation to understand and experience Gravity better

Maya Gravity Well

“One of the Best Gravity simulation Kit that’s available in the Market. My Kids and I personally enjoyed it. This is a must-have experience for any new Astronomy learners.”

Nick Jones

Augmented Reality app

Augmented Reality App

Create and simulate Gravity in your living room or school with augmented reality (AR) objects such as Sun, Blackholes, and planets. You can even simulate extreme gravity using a blackhole to experiment bending of light.

Gravity AR Mobile App
Gravity AR Mobile App

Very simple and easy to use app for simulating Gravity. I was able to play with the gravity simulator in my home.

Ricardo Gonzáles


· Rocket Science ·

Live Music

—  Learn & Expriment

Rocket Science

Have you heard the saying, “It’s not rocket science?” Some people think rocket science is a difficult subject to understand. When someone says, “It’s not rocket science,” they mean that something is not too difficult. Rocket scientists are brilliant people, but rocket science is based on concepts you probably already understand. The same basic science concepts and laws work in both huge NASA rockets and small paper ones.

Simple and easy to understand. Interactive simulation to understand the concepts

Jacques-Yves Costeau

High school student

Launching  Satellite

The process of placing the satellite in a proper orbit is known as the launching process. During this process, from earth stations, we can control the operation of the satellite. Mainly, there are four stages in launching a satellite.

*** Interactive Learning

Interactive Workshops

Simple and easy to understand. Interactive simulation to understand the concepts.

Jane Doe


Learn more about Telescope

Telescope Guide

REFRACTORS - Mid-level performance, portable.

DOBSONIANS - Best performance, less portable

CATADIOPTRICS - Planetary performance, portable, pricey.


Telescope Guide

Newton Gravity thought Experiment Simulation

Netwon's Thought experiment firing canon from mountain top

Galileo Galilei Gravity Experiment Simulation

Galileo Gravity experiment pisa tower

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