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DIY Space Science Videos

DIY Space Science projects

Build a Spectroscope using CD – DIY Experiment

The spectroscope is a crucial instrument in space science. It helps the scientist to observe lights from various stars and distant Galaxies to understands their physical composition—i.e., materials found around them. So how does this work? White light what we see is

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How to Choose the Right Refractor Telescope: Tutorials to Help You Understand Refractors

Refractors are popular telescopes for viewing both planets and stars because of their light-gathering ability. They’re much more affordable than reflectors, perfect for beginners and intermediate observers of the night sky.Refractor telescopes use glass lenses to refract visible light from stars, planets and other

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Whether you want to teach your child about the solar system, space exploration or just want to let them discover all by themselves, these DIY space science projects are a great way to get them started. These projects show you how to make everything from a homemade planetarium, a meteorite, a solar powered flashlight, a moon rock and even a space weather monitor. Like organic science projects, these will be more effective if you have a child who is interested in science and is willing to get creative and get hands on!


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